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Editing • Filming • Post Production • Music



Nic has had the pleasure of recording, mixing, producing and co writing with supreme talent, rapper producer 'Delon' Working together on his latest EP 'Awake'. 

Utilizing his multi-cultural knowledge and identity, DeLon is innovating a music niche by fusing electronic beats and synths with hip-hop to create a unique style. Authentic, diverse, progressive and entertaining; DeLon strives to achieve a level of international greatness, positive influence and inspire change through his music.

He has two new singles that have already released on his sophomore EP “Awake”, which is set to release in November. This fall DeLon is opening for Eric Bellinger on his first U.S. Tour. DeLon is a musician, producer, businessman, innovator and creator; an inspiration to many.

With close to 2 million hits on their hit single Top Of The World, Greek Fire’s manager Dave Downey approached Nic to do a new mix and re remix for that song. In Dave’s words "I want you to 'Nicify' it".