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Editing • Filming • Post Production • Music



Nic Capelle’s talent as a musician and an artist makes him a unique and very exciting director. Nic creates a visual style and incorporates a narrative that complements the music, bringing the art forms together to work symbiotically.
— Denson Baker, ASC

It's only natural that Nics' music flows seamlessly into moving image. His songs take their listener on a journey. Whether that's a sweaty foot-stomping one or a visceral circumspect one is by-the-by, it's his ability to catch you in the here-and-now, if only for a moment, that punctuates his creative process.

Film making is a passion born from a childhood weaned on American popular culture and movies. It was honed and refined on the rich juice of early MTV and an education that included MAYA Animation and Film School. Today that sees Nic working on everything from branded content to documentaries and music videos, for his own projects and other talented artists he's working with.

Nic says "It's unusual for me to get a massive production budget. I always need to find ways to be resourceful to get the look and performance I want". 

This was certainly the case for the the Dreaming Bull clip for 'Smile on Your Face'. 

"We did the shoot in the rec room of a senior living facility. The old folks on camera were priceless. They asked to be paid in donuts, pizzas, margaritas and music. From 8 a.m. onwards it was literally a non-stop party. It's an experience I'll never forget, and our retirees said they couldn't remember the last time they had so much fun. Getting them to dance hard for multiple takes didn't seem to kick their asses as much as you'd think it would have."