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Even old lap dogs bay at the moon. That feral impulse is woven through our DNA – we all, sometimes, want to stomp and shout. Need to, maybe. That’s why there’s Dreaming Bull.

“We lay some pain on the stage,” says Gabe Rowland. “Grab the devil by the jugular.”

The band is a work of collaborative art by Rowland and Nic Capelle. It was a chance meeting between music lifers: Gabe’s band opened for Nic’s in Chicago, the two – Gabe from Northeast LA and Nic from Western Australia – bonded over a mutual love of “dusty, old vintage gospel and lost blues.” As they shared music and ideas for six months, mostly via email attachment, until it was time to consummate the partnership. 


Billboard premiere of their video for "Smile on Your Face" featuring Taryn Manning of Orange is the New Black:

Last Call with Carson Daly aired this segment with them in February:

Sync success with Suits, Sears, Verizon, Cardiff Skates and much more. Over two dozen placements so far.

Airplay on KROQ with Kat's Box, and Jed the Fish at KCSN

MTVu Freshmen finalist

Their sophomore record, and EP titled The DB EP was released in February.

AAA/Non-comm active airplay

The first record was a Top 5 pick for Sluggo at KROQ and Jed the Fish in 2014